Adrian was born and raised in Ibiza, Spain but knew London was where he wanted to further his career; so relocated to London and began his training at Performers College in 2000.

Over the past 15 years, Adrian has had a successful and versatile career. Starting out as a dancer, he worked for some of the biggest international recording artists, and learnt from some of the world’s most prestigious choreographers.

Adrian’s dance career developed naturally into a career as a choreographer and movement director on television, music, theatre and corporate shows all around the world.

Adrian is passionate about dance and loves to create an upbeat workspace, with a motto of ‘positivity above all’. Taking inspiration from the world around him, he is constantly expanding his knowledge, so that he can mentor upcoming artists and dancers.

The combination of Adrian’s creativity, strive for dance perfection, patience and work ethic have meant since stopping performing 5 years ago, he has been in constant demand.



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